What is sublimation and why does it make Binky D even better?

We wanted to take a moment to chat about a option to make your Binky D even better. Sublimation! Sublimation is a cool process of dying polyester fibers permanently. You can sublimate all kinds of things but at Binky D we are mainly focusing on grow with me clothing, apparel and wearable goods for the whole family. We bring these designs from design software, to paper and then to our heat press. Its a cool process we wanted to give you a sneak peek at! To stay in the loop at all times of what we are offering and whats newest to the shop join our vip group on Facebook

*one of the softwares we use to design sublimation images
*Our printer
*Our main press with our hat press in the foreground


Why did we choose sublimation? Sublimation is permanent! I does not fade, peel or crack! It is a process of using high heat to push ink into the poly fibers forever. The process of sublimation cannot be done on cotton and natural fibers because of this. Since sublimation is a process of dying fibers you have to keep the color wheel in mind. When we sublimate we use a blank white base so that all of our colors pop and maintain the vibrancy you would expect on your apparel. You can use other color bases for banks to sublimate on but you have to be careful about what colors you use on the design. Black can go over any base color blank and still pop. Though our sublimated items are done on polyester materials we use a very high quality base of poly that feels very nice at the hand.

What products do we offer? We offer blank sublimated shirts as a very budget friendly option to pair with any of your favorite grow with me style pants. These shirts start at just $20 for infants and children and are a way to save a trip to the store finding for the perfect matching shirt. Now you can buy your kiddos entire wardrobe with us! 


*One of our reps rocking a sublimated shirt

We also offer super custom sublimated designs on custom shirts, sweaters and grow with me rompers. These are paired with our custom fabric prints and are truly unique items that will make heads turn all while lasting a good chunk of your Childs growth because most of our custom clothes are grow with me style and grow with your kid. We love making these. These unique items take us more time than our typical drop items to produce but they really let us explore our creative side and we love to see how much you adore them. These items will be listed in our ready to ship section of the shop. 

*Custom sublimated grow with me romper featuring a science design

We plant to offer more sublimation options as our business continues to grow. Sometimes we will debut vest, sweater and hats! These are options that will not be available all the time so when you see them pop up for order you will want to jump on them.

*Sublimated vest with Pinky and the Brain design 

Thanks for supporting our small business through our growth the last 2 years. We are so happy that we have invested in the sublimation process to expand your Binky D wardrobe.

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  • Andrea Westheimer

    We love our sublimation shirts! Not only does binky d offer unique designs, but they can literally be paired with anything. We love to pair our shirts with coolpants or skaters, and when we aren’t feeling too wild, we pair them with the solid coordinates that ashley offers. being a budget friendly option sure helps too!

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