New year! Shiny New Branding

New year is right around the corner and as some of you have noticed we have revealed Binky D’s new logo!! We are so excited about focusing our efforts on the business this year to make Binky D even better! 


Our goals are to learn our photography equipment, produce better more marketable photos, send newsletters to those signed up for our newsletter (what are you waiting for?!?), new labels and overall put our a more amazing branded product! Not that your Binky D’s were not already amazing but there’s always room for improvement. 


We are also very excited about our new pattern release that will be added to preorders and in stock! The Grow With Me Dress! This dress is A line style has the same size ranges of our romper but would fit as a shirt even longer. How amazing is that? We are still tweaking this design a little but are looking forward to making it available in the new year. 

We hope you all have an amazing new year followed with love and fun and BinkyD

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