Big But Great Changes

Its been a while since I have done one one these! Its been a fun year of business growth and changes along the way. When our family decided to add G to our circle we knew that I would have to focus on Binky D after taking a long break from business and growing some other seamstress skills. We rocked it! This year has been full of love and support from my customer base and business community and we had a few hiccups along the way, as expected with any business that is growing and evolving. 

Here are some of our future plans that are gonna make Binky D even more rewarding for you and help us run it more seamlessly behind the scenes....

We are now purchasing most of our fabric in bulk which gets the fabric in our hands wayyyy faster than before. This has been our biggest struggle with business this year. We began ordering the funnest custom prints but they have taken forever to arrive to us. Part of the process. By us ordering in bulk not only are we cutting our own fabric cost down a bit we are also going to have the fabric in hand much sooner. The new fabric is the same awesome quality you would expect from Binky D! Yay! 

The next 3 weeks we will run our orders as usual but we will cap each order to 15 items to help make the transition to our new ordering system seamless.... wanna see a peek at the next 3 prints?!

After these 3 orders run we will be moving to our new ordering process! The only way this effects you is shorter turnarounds...whoop whoop! for us it means that we will be listing preorders for fabric we have in hand. Each print we have 20 yards of and thats soooo much awesomeness, plenty for everyone. Once the order closes your items will enter production. these orders will have a 6 week turnaround MAX. NO MORE 8-12 WEEK PREORDERS ( YUCK ). Once the items from the order are made we will be listing extras in stock. from now on extras that get listed in the shop will have a $2 uncharge, if you want items at preorder pricing you need to order them at preorder pricing. It will be a perk for ordering your items ahead of time and waiting for them to ship!  PLUS you will get to pick sizes and secure a spot in a print you love. Binky D produces quality handmade items and this minimal uncharge will help us invest in Binky D's future. 

WHO IS HERE FOR THE PRINTS?! just a peek at some of the future bulk preordered prints we have in hand and are ordered to arrive in the future BOOM!

The only orders that will continue to have a 8-10 week turnaround time are the prints running the next 3 weeks and any future individual customs. Our individual customs fabric will still take time to arrive to us because we will not be bulk ordering them. Custom spots are well worth the wait though because you can get anything you want made.... seriously! anything! 

Excited to see what the next year brings and how we can continue to bring you even cooler custom prints and items. Thanks so much for supporting our dream and making it possible to spend all the time in the world with our spit fire tot below. Stay Sane. See you in the customs group. Join us if you are not there yet ;)





  • Claire Fox

    I can’t wait for that Floral print! The mock up of this romper is gorgeous! We love our Mario Grow With Me Romper!
    🏷NEWFAN20🏷 will help you save 20% on your first purchase!!

  • Taylor

    Absolutely love the print variety, something for everyone to love!

  • Faith Orriss

    Loving that vintage sunflower print!

  • Adrienna

    The custom orders are seriously the bees knees! We recently placed our first one and I’m so excited to see how it turns out.

  • Jordin

    My son is a big kid and we struggle finding store bought clothes that fit properly. These adjustable clothes are our favorite! The grow with me style fits for SO LONG! We are loving all of the changes Binky D has made lately. From the ready to sell drops to the killer prints up for preorder, there is always something amazing available 🤩 Individual customs are amazing too! Just sign up on the list and when it’s your turn, you can purchase ANYTHING in a print of your choice. We have gotten matching family shirts as well as matching bottoms. The possibilities are endless. We love Binky D so much ❤ Thank you for everything you do Ashley!

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